kaal sarp dosh puja in Ujjain

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja In Ujjain

In the realm of Vedic astrology, the alignment of planets holds significant importance. One such astrological combination is the Kaal Sarp Dosh.

This Kaal Sarp Dosh In Ujjain occurs in a native’s horoscope when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Kaal Sarp Dosh is considered malefic and is believed to bring various challenges and obstacles in one’s life. However, there’s a remedy: Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja, a powerful Vedic ritual performed to negate its adverse effects.

Ujjain, a city revered for its spiritual significance, offers an ideal setting for this puja.


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Shivesh Guru Ji .

About Guruji

Shivesh Guru Ji believes that performing kaal sarp puja can have a positive impact on people’s lives by removing obstacles and providing them with peace and prosperity.

Over the years, Shivesh Guru Ji has gained a reputation as a highly respected and sought-after spiritual leader, and his services are in great demand by those seeking to perform the Kaal Sarp Puja at Trimbakeshwar. People from all parts of India and also all around the world have been coming to their place to perform all sorts of vidhis.

Do kaal sarp dosh puja in Ujjain with the help of our expert Pandit Shivesh ji who has more than 25 years of experience in performing the puja efficiently.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Puja in Ujjain

What is Kaal Sarp Dosh?

Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran occurs when all planets align between Rahu and Ketu in an individual's birth chart.

How to Book Kalsarp Puja

Simply call Guruji and get your Kundali checked for free to identify any doshas and perform the appropriate puja accordingly.

Kalsarp Pooja Cost

Kaal sarp dosh puja starting from 1500 rupees

Understanding Kaal Sarp Dosh

Kaal Sarp Dosha is a belief in Hindu astrology. According to this belief, when all the planets in a person’s birth chart are situated between two specific points called Rahu and Ketu, it creates a dosha or a problem called Kaal Sarp Dosha.

Rahu and Ketu: In astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets. They’re not actual planets, but their positions are believed to have an influence on people’s lives.

Kaal Sarp Dosha: When all the planets are between Rahu and Ketu in a birth chart, it’s said to create Kaal Sarp Dosha.

There are different types of Kaal Sarp Dosha depending on where Rahu and Ketu are placed in the birth chart. Some believe that this dosha can bring delays and obstacles in life.

Benefits of Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja In Ujjain

  1. Neutralizes Malefic Effects: The puja nullifies the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh.
  2. Enhances Positive Energy: It brings positive energy and peace of mind.
  3. Removes Obstacles: Removes obstacles and hurdles from one's life path
  4. Promotes Success: Promotes success and prosperity.

Types of Kaal Sarp Doshas included in Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja In Ujjain:

1. Anant Kaal Sarp Dosha: Rahu in the first house, Ketu in the seventh house.

2. Kulik Kaal Sarp Dosha: Rahu in the second house, Ketu in the eighth house.

3. Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosha: Rahu in the third house, Ketu in the ninth house.

4. Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Dosha: Rahu in the fourth house, Ketu in the tenth house.

Rituals of Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja In Ujjain:

1. Pre-Puja Preparations: Before performing the puja, certain preparations need to be made to ensure its efficacy.

2. Puja Vidhi (Ritual): The puja begins with the chanting of mantras and performing rituals as per Vedic traditions.

3. Offerings: Various offerings are made to appease the planets and seek their blessings.

4. Mantra Chanting: Priests chant powerful mantras to invoke positive energies and nullify the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh.

5. Havan (Fire Ritual): Havan is performed to purify the surroundings and invite positive energies.

6. Donations: Offering donations is considered auspicious and helps in mitigating the dosh.


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Shivesh Guru Ji Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar temple online puja booking

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

Hindu ritual to alleviate negative effects of Kaalsarp dosh; involves prayers, offerings, mantras; performed by priest; seeks divine blessings.

Mahamrutunjay Jaap Puja

Mahamrutunjay Jaap Puja is a Hindu ritual that is performed to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and to ward off illness and death.

Pitra Shanti Puja

Pitra Shanti Puja is a Hindu ritual that is performed to appease the ancestors or pitras and seek their blessings.

Rudra abhishek

Rudra Abhishek is a Hindu ritual that is performed to worship Lord Shiva. The puja is mainly performed to get rid of negative energies and obstacles in life.

Kaal Sarp Dosh is an astrological condition where all planets come between Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope.

Yes, Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja is an effective remedy to neutralize the malefic effects of the dosh.

It is advisable to perform the puja once to nullify the dosh. However, depending on the astrological analysis, it might be recommended to perform it more than once.

Yes, anyone experiencing the adverse effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh in their horoscope can perform this puja.

The materials required include various puja items such as milk, honey, yoghurt, sugar, ghee, and fruits, along with specific items recommended by the priest.

While it is not mandatory, performing the puja in Ujjain is considered highly auspicious due to the city’s spiritual significance.

Yes, Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja can be performed in Ujjain, a sacred city known for its spiritual significance.

 The cost of Kaal Sarp Puja in Ujjain varies depending on the temple and the specific rituals performed. It can range from a few hundred to several thousand rupees.

The Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain is famous for performing Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja.

The cost of Kaal Sarp Puja varies depending on the temple and the rituals performed. It usually ranges from 1500 to 5000 rupees.

Kaal Sarp Dosh can be pacified through Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja performed by experienced priests in holy places like Ujjain.

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